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$100,000 needed
to outfit kitchen and
recording studio!

The Uhuru House in St. Petersburg, Florida is a working center for economic development. We are working to outfit a recording studio as an institution of international African culture and equip a commercial kitchen for community based economic development projects.

You can help make the kitchen and recording studio a reality!

“With 71% of our community in south St. Petersburg living on or below the poverty level, we must pull together collectively and create self-sustaining institutions that bring about community commerce. These institutions will be models that can be reproduced in every city.”

Tamara Dzimbahwe, Youth Programs and Special Events Coordinator

“The recording studio will give our community the opportunity to put their talents out while developing self-sustaining jobs. Our young people are facing 40% unemployment.”

A Reason to Donate!

At a time when unemployment is over 50% in African communities, these self-sustaining institutions are key to economic development, creating countless new jobs, expanding existing businesses and producing African culture in African hands. AVSI Uhuru House projects are about the African community solving the problems by uniting Africans together all over this country and the world for self-determination. This is not charity. Donate as solidarity with African people creating their own development.

Transforming the conditions in African communities
throughout the U.S. and Africa!

AVSI is the joint effort of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project ( and the African People’s Education & Defense Fund, building institutions, programs and campaigns.

Uhuru Furniture stores
Community Gym and Wellness Center
Collective gardens and rainwater harvesting
Community Fishing, Oloshoro, Sierra Leone

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