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Black Power 96 is a project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF)

Black Power 96



Have Radio Equipment?

Email blackpower96@apedf.org


If you administer or can recommend funding sources that would be applicable to our programs, please contact us at (727) 821-2437.

Contribute to launching
Black Power 96.3 LP-FM radio at the Uhuru House in St. Pete, FL

1245 18th Ave. S.

What you can do !

Contact us at: blackpower96@apedf.org
or call 727-821-2437

  • Join the team, do outreach, fundraising, promotion, grant writing and radio engineering
  • Donate your skills: audio editors, radio engineers, marketing
  • Donate supplies: mixers, microphones, studio furniture and more
  • Sponsor a fundraiser

Black Power 96 is radio by and for the black community!

The new community station will deliver a fresh sound featuring locally produced music and neighborhood news, as well as news and information from the Caribbean, Africa and the world.

96.3 LP-FM will stand tall as a non-commercial radio station owned and controlled by the black community of south St. Pete where 70 percent live under the poverty level and where full access to employment, housing, health care and quality education is routinely denied.

Today over 90 percent of the airwaves are controlled by six corporations – Comcast, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. Clear Channel alone owns more than 1000 radio stations and 80 percent of the music playlists in the U.S. are identical.

Black Power 96 will address these disparities by serving as a hub for the training and employment of broadcast professionals, musicians and engineers.


Black Power 96 Team spreading the word in the community

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