Uhuru Basketball Program

NOTE: This program ran 1999-2008. Currently looking for volunteer Program Coordinator to continue this program!

Uhuru Youth Basketball Shines!

April 2007

Uhuru Basketball Program brings home 3 trophies, and prepares for a trip to African Liberation Day!

Uhuru Basketball 10 & under team

The Uhuru Youth Basketball Program brought home three championship trophies after a rigorous March Madness tournament on the weekend of March 17 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The program's 10 and under, 12 and under and 14 and under teams won one first place and two second place trophies in their respective divisions.

The season started October 2006. On January 27th at the MLKing Tournament the 14 & under team won first place. The teams will also be participating in the City's summer league this June & July.

The program is a project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF), a non- profit organization whose mission is to address the disparities in education, health, healthcare and economic development in the African community.

As a project of APEDF, the Uhuru Basketball Program teaches African children more than basketball; it teaches them about true African history, respect for African people, and about their responsibility to lead in their community.

All the teams enthusiastically participate in car washes, lemonade and candy apple sales, and street corner donation collections.

The 12 & under team

These fundraisers, along with several local sponsorships and generous donations sent to APEDF, have helped purchase new uniforms and Nike basketball shoes that you can see in the photos. They also pay for league and tournament fees, transportation and supplies.

The program is now preparing to send 15 children along with parents and coaches to Washington D.C. to participate in the historic African Liberation Day celebration Saturday, May 26. The children, their parents and the team coaches are all working hard to make this trip happen, but they urgently need the your support! The bus will be leaving St. Petersburg on Friday, May 25 at 2pm, and returning that Sunday. Total cost for bus and hotel is $150/person (food costs not included).

APEDF is calling on you to help make this educational trip happen for these hardworking young people. The Uhuru Youth Basketball Program is a free program for the children and thus depends on support from the African community and our friends. Sponsor a player! All contributions tax-deductible.

This June & July we will hold for the first time the Marcus Garvey History Summer Camp for team members. We are excited about having a wellknown chemistry professor from Texas, who'll be coming for one week to participate in the program. There will also be workshops and classes on African history, field trips to cultural and recreational sites, swimming, and much more.

This, too, will take community support as the program will be free. We need funds for trips, food, and supplies, and we also need committed volunteers. We want to be able to open up this dynamic program so that children from the entire African community can participate next year.

Thank You! Program Director, Coach Tam Wilcox

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