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Uhuru Jiko is a project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF)

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Contribute to building
the Uhuru Jiko Oakland, CA

What you can do !

Contact us at: uhurujiko_oakland@apedf.org
or call 800-578-5157

  • Make a generous cash donation!
  • Donate kitchen supplies and equipment
  • Donate your skills: General contractor, architects, plumbers, electricians
  • Sponsor a house event/fundraiser
  • Join the team, do outreach, fundraising, promotion, grant writing and construction

Designed for the future and current economic crisis

The programs
  • Uhuru Jiko will be the home of the African Independence Workforce Program, offering training and skills development, particularly for formerly incarcerated African men and women.
  • Uhuru Jiko offers the ability for members of our community to open or expand food businesses. 
  • Uhuru Jiko will be the home of Uhuru Foods & Pies!

  • 75% of the retail dollars spent in East Oakland leave the community.
  • 30% of African families live below the poverty level (6 x the rate for white families), at a time when home rents exceed $2,600 per month.
  • According to a recent report by the Mayor of Oakland, an African living in East Oakland will live 17 years less than someone living near the gentrified Lake Merrit area 4 miles away in the same city.
  • Our communities are identified as "food deserts." This means that our people are facing poverty and starvation!
  • African men in California are incarcerated at a rate that is 11 times that of white men. Finding and keeping employment after release is difficult.

Rent the Uhuru Jiko Commercial Community Kitchen

1245 18th Ave S., St. Petersburg, FL

The Uhuru Jiko kitchen offers professional cooking and baking equipment, including:

  • Three convection ovens
  • Six burner gas range
  • Double basket fryer
  • Thirty-quart mixer
  • Double-door refrigerator
  • Cooling racks
  • Prep tables
  • Commercial vegetable slicer
  • Griddle
  • Large 3-compartment sink

Rentals by the hour and monthly.
To schedule a visit call 727-821-2437

  • Need an approved kitchen for your food concession or catering business?
  • Thinking of starting a food business
  • Need a venue for your catering special events?

Uhuru Jiko can now unleash the culinary talents and tremendous potential for creating community commerce and self-sustaining economic activity.

Uhuru Jiko is located with Akwaaba Hall at the St. Pete Uhuru House, offering a full-service banquet hall/ auditorium and kitchen, renting for families, community events and caterers.

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