Yes, I'd like to participate!

I would like to use my energy and skills, in the following areas, to forward the struggle of African people. (Please list your areas of interest below.) Community Commercial Kitchen Project -- fundraising, outreach, inkind donation procurement
Uhuru Foods fundraising booths for APEDF in St. Petersburg, FL and Oakland, CA
Uhuru Furniture in Oakland, CA and Philadelphia, PA (see UFC volunteer opportunities)
Fitness & Wellness Program
Grant Writing
Graphics or Web Design
Newsletters, Media, or Promotion
Uhuru Holiday Pies

I would like to volunteer for the specific events below (pick your desired calendar(s) and enter the times you are available).

Oakland: Uhuru Pies Baking

Oakland: Uhuru Pies Selling

St Pete: Uhuru Pies Baking

St Pete: Uhuru Pies Selling

St Pete: Uhuru Foods Booths

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