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  • Providing genuine solutions to disparities and injustice in every aspect of life for African people
    APEDF is a black community-led non-profit that addresses the needs and interests of African people. African communities in the U.S. experience the highest rates of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and curable diseases. The African community faces the shortest life expectancy, attends under-resourced schools and lives in substandard housing. Historically Africans have been systematically pushed out of longstanding communities demolished for freeways, parks and profit. The black community experiences the highest rates of police murders, lack of justice in the court system and mass imprisonment that devastates the whole family and the entire community.

  • Since 1994, establishing institutions and programs that put African people in control of our own community life
    APEDF has longstanding institutions deeply rooted in the community: Uhuru (Freedom) House community centers, Uhuru Jiko Community Commercial Kitchen, Uhuru Furniture & Collectible stores, One Africa One Nation Marketplaces, Uhuru Health and Book Fairs, Black Power 96.3 FM and online Radio, Uhuru Holiday Pies, Poetry and Open Mic nights, Town Hall meetings and more! This is economic development in the hands of the African community to feed, clothe, house and employ our people.

  • Developing and transforming our communities for our benefit, not gentrification
    The Black Power Blueprint is literally transforming the terrain of the north side of St. Louis, Missouri, the most impoverished area of the city. APEDF is buying abandoned, dilapidated buildings and has rapidly created a community center, outdoor event venue with an upcoming marketplace for community commerce, a community garden, and housing for the upcoming African Independence Workforce Program. We have even more projects in progress that are uplifting our neighborhoods and engaging everyone socially, politically and economically in the future of our community. Check out blackpowerblueprint.org!

  • We are driven by African self-determination, a sense of pride and a vision for a prosperous future once again.

  • Join the thousands of supporters, volunteers and donors contributing to African self-determination. Some donors give out of a commitment to reparations, righting a historic wrong. You can be part of self-reliance, genuine economic and political power for African people.

APEDF – The Baddest Non-Profit on the Planet!

Contribute to the African People's Education and Defense Fund this Giving Tuesday and support the Black Power Blueprint projects! Donate at APEDF.org/GivingTuesday or Zelle info@apedf.org now through December 8th.

The African People's Education and Defense Fund deeply thanks and acknowledges the brilliant and talented team who created this video produced and donated by Erin Abeln and Allie Abeln from eventure.nyc. We salute director Cami Thomas, an incredible African videographer who filmed and edited the video, Brandon "Mad Keys" who wrote the original music, and everyone who played a role in this powerful project.

Director / Editor - Cami Thomas, @camicruzthomas
Producers - Erin Abeln and Allie Abeln, @eventure.nyc
STL Production - Bailey Synclaire, @baileysynclaire
Original Music - Brandon "Mad Keys" @madkeys_
B Camera Operator - Ethan, @canethan

Thank You to Clif Bar!

Justice for George Floyd!

From Ona Zené Yeshitela, President, APEDF

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund and our many institutions throughout the U.S. have taken a public stand to defend the human and civil rights of the black community for over 26 years!

Today we stand with the African community and George Floyd’s family to demand

We call for an end to the police murder and abuse of African people!
The APEDF mission is to defend the human and civil rights of the African community and end the disparities faced by African people in health, healthcare, education and economic development.

The public murder of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis has sparked an international outcry from the black community and others who urgently call for genuine change to the blatant inequalities experienced by the African community.

The work of APEDF addresses the human rights abuses our people face every day with rampant poverty and unemployment, lack of access to quality health care and education, and enduring harsh policies of police containment and mass imprisonment that affect every African family. 

APEDF understands that these conditions are never going to be addressed or transformed by the system that has forced us to produce wealth for everyone but ourselves for hundreds of years.

APEDF does much more than expose the problem!  We create solutions by rebuilding and uplifting our starved and neglected communities. We know that the only way forward is for African people to have self-determination and self-reliance. We must control everything that goes on in our communities.

We have built over 50 institutions and programs led by African people to feed, clothe and house ourselves! APEDF is creating our own independent economic and cultural life. We are bringing our community together so we can have real development and political and economic power in our own hands!

Support the African People’s Education and Defense Fund and all our programs and defend the right of African people to self-determination! 

Message to our Community on the Coronavirus Epidemic

From Ona Zené Yeshitela, President, APEDF

During this time when we are all facing grave health and economic threats from the coronavirus epidemic, we want you to know that APEDF and the Uhuru Movement are here for you.

As always the well-being of our community is first and foremost and we hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and your family as best as possible.

We will never stop upholding our commitment to organize to win political and economic power in the hands of the African working class. ...Read more»

Tips to prevent and prepare for COVID-19

The All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) is providing guidance about prevention and being prepared for COVID-19.

Get all the latest updates by liking and following the AAPDEP Facebook Page and by visiting DevelopmentForAfrica.org.

Community Testimonials

Uhuru Jiko

"I met Uhuru Foods at the St. Pete Saturday Market and learned about the community commercial kitchen at the Uhuru House. I stopped by the Jiko kitchen and it had everything I needed. I serve elderly folks, who otherwise are not cared for. I do not receive any income from it. I do this from my heart. I also cater to other events and being able to use a kitchen of that capacity is great for the catering I provide."
- Tamara, Bradenton,FL

Uhuru Furniture
& Collectibles

"I'm never shopping at another furniture store again. The support of African and diasporic peoples' liberation is essential to the liberation of us all. Plus the furniture is great! Volunteer, shop, share - do whatever's in your power to fuel the movement."
- Kristian & Nzambu, Philladelphia, PA

One Africa! One Nation! Market Place

“Uhuru Health Festival is community. This is love. This is everybody coming together as one. This is where everybody belongs. This is people supporting each other. Touches my heart. That is a model of community, and in nature. Like the diversity. It’s a chance to give back to the community”
-Sharita, owner of Amazulu, a 5 year vendor at Uhuru Flea Market Philadelphia.

Donating for African Self-Determination

"Bea would be happy to know that her donation has a new life and provides support for an organization that does such good work. It's extraordinary!"
-Katherine and Alan, Northern CA

Transforming the conditions of African people

Uhuru Health Festival and Flea Market

Building an Independent African Economy

driven by African Self-Determination

APEDF Institutions & Programs