Not just explaining the world, but changing it!

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Black Power 96 is radio by and for the people! Our own black voices, black music, black stories.

With our low power FM station in St. Petersburg that also streams on the web and through our mobile phone app, Black Power 96 raises the consciousness and unity of African people through talk shows, news, music, health and wellness shows and more.

80% of the radio playlists in the U.S. are identical. 90% of the media is controlled by six giant corporations: Comcast, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS.

Black Power 96 gives access to the airwaves for unsigned local talent, as well as airing African artists from all over the world and over the decades to promote African culture.

We play conscious hip-hop, old school R&B, and international African music from the continent and the Caribbean. Our weekly shows include Good Morning Africa!, No Class, St. Pete Heat, Drive Time, On the Beat St. Pete, The Porch, and Sister Hughes Total Praise.

Black Power 96 defends the human and civil rights of the African community through our educational and cultural programming -- Black Power 96 is here not just to explain the world, but to change it!

We also provide professional radio broadcasting training, volunteer and underwriting opportunities that promote economic development and self-reliance in the African community. Be a part of building this African community radio station!

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Donate today to help Black Power 96 Radio reach our $5,000 year-end fundraising goal to add height to our tower and purchase additional broadcast equipment.

Black Power 96.3FM Information

Location and Contact

1245 18th Ave. S
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 914-3614

What You Can Do!
  • Join the team, do outreach, fundraising, promotion, grant writing and radio engineering
  • Donate your skills: audio editors, radio engineers, marketing
  • Donate supplies: mixers, microphones, studio furniture and more
  • Sponsor a fundraiser
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WBPU FM seeks businesses and event organizers to support our unique mission of black community empowerment in St. Petersburg and around the world.

Underwriters are acknowledged on-air and on our website, giving important publicity to businesses, events and services. While many local businesses spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for commercial radio advertising, or aren’t able to advertise on-air at all, your business can be exposed to the non-commercial airwaves in St. Petersburg and the international streaming of Black Power 96 for far less cost.

Call 727-914- 3614 for underwriting information.

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