The African People's Education and Defense Fund is the baddest nonprofit on the planet!

APEDF Addresses the Disparities That Challenge Our Community

In Philadelphia, PA

  • 40% of African families live below the poverty line - a family of 4 living on $24,000 or less per year
  • In the past 10 years the rate of childhood hunger in North Philadelphia’s black community has more than trippled for families with working parents.
  • The life expectancy for a black child born in North Philly’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood is 20 years less than a white baby born in Center City. The higest disparity in the U.S.

In Oakland, CA

  • A black child born in West Oakland is 13 times more likely to live in poverty and 5 times more likely to be unemployed than a white child born in the Oakland Hills.
  • In the Oakland public school system black children make up 32% of the students but are targetted for 63% of all suspensions and 70% of all in school arrests.
  • Oakland public schools have failed black children. African students in 11th grade are only 14% proficient in reading and writing compared to 72% for white students.
Across the U.S. the black community suffers from the lowest life expectancy, the highest rates of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack, and the highest death rates from cancer. Black unemployment remains twice the rate of whites. In 2017 long-standing African communities are being dispersed and destroyed through gentrification, school closures, mass incarceration, unemployment and poverty.

Our Mission

The African People's Education & Defense Fund (APEDF) develops and institutionalizes programs to defend the human and civil rights of the African community, and to address the grave disparities in education, health, healthcare, and economic development faced by African people.

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