African Styles at Home and Abroad.

About NZO

APEDF and Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles are proud to introduce our newest line NZO-- African Styles at Home & Abroad. NZO is a Kikongo word that means home. NZO is another step forward by APEDF and Uhuru Furniture to provide what our African community wants and needs -- beautiful and affordable African style furniture, accessories and home décor.

NZO Products

NZO products include furniture hand painted with African designs and upholstered with African fabrics, handmade African style pillows, bags, and jewelry, laminated portraits of African leaders, and African themed greeting cards.

Building NZO is part of Uhuru Furniture’s work to carry out the APEDF Mission to feed, clothe, house and employ our people.

There is a growing hunger in our community to take back our stolen African culture, to experience the beauty of African life. Others put art in museums, but NZO is African style -- art in our daily lives, our homes and our way of dress, by and for our community.


Additional Information

NZO African inspired accessories, furniture and home décor is available at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores in Philadelphia, PA and Oakland, CA

832 N Broad St. Philadelphia PA 19130   (215) 546-9616

3742 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA   (510) 763-3342

Portraits of African leaders $10 each 12 for $100
Greeting cards $1.50 each 5 for $6 Jewelry $5 and up

Furniture prices vary