About Uhuru Pies

African People’s Education and Defense Fund sponsors the annual Uhuru Pies campaign, a popular progressive tradition at Farmers Markets, festivals, street fairs, and outside grocery stores where our delicious pies have been enjoyed by residents of Northern California and the St. Petersburg Florida Bay Area for more than three decades.

Uhuru Foods & Pies is a dynamic economic development institution of Black Star Industries. Ultimately Uhuru Foods & Pies is about putting the means to grow, produce and distribute fresh food into the hands of African people. This includes the goals to control our own land, farms, trucking, baking, cooking and distribution of food.


Uhuru Pies are fresh baked with quality natural ingredients. They are available at locations in St. Petersburg, Florida and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area and Santa Cruz, CA.

Order Uhuru Pies and view the listing of locations, dates, flavors and prices at www.uhurupies.org

Volunteer to Sell and Bake Uhuru Pies

Click Here Join the Uhuru Pies Campaign team to:

  • Volunteer with our baking team to mix, bake and box Uhuru Pies
  • Staff an Uhuru Pies distribution site for pie sales and order pickups at our CA and FL locations: Farmer’s Markets, outside grocery and other stores, Akwaaba Hall.
  • Promote Uhuru Pies with social media, phonebanking and literature distribution.
  • Host a pie tasting at your job, school, organization or place of worship
  • Come to the St. Petersburg, Florida Bay Area or the Oakland, California Bay Area during the month of November or December to be part of the Uhuru Pies N2U Volunteer Brigade.