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Projects & Programs

Our innovative programs and institutions have been successful for over 38 years to empower our community economically, politically and culturally for lasting change

African People's Education
& Defense Fund

APEDF Programs & Projects

Black Power Blueprint

St. Louis, MO

Black Power Blueprint is a joint program of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) and Black Star Industries (BSI), transforming North St. Louis through renovation, economic development and political power by and for the black community

Uhuru Jiko Bakery Café

St. Louis, MO

the Uhuru Jiko is our most ambitious project yet, to bring African economic and cultural life to this depressed commercial area, stop gentrification and to build a critical program for our community.

Black Power Blueprint will build a bakery, café, and community commercial kitchen to serve as the headquarters for Uhuru Foods & Pies, one of the many economic institutions of Black Star
Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund around the U.S

Housing for African Independence Workforce Program

St. Louis, MO

We completed a 4-plex apartment building,  for housing the African Independence Workforce Program, creating jobs for those re-entering our community from the prison system.

Community Basketball Court

St. Louis, MO

Building this court will allow for spirited youth programs, adult pickup games, and leagues, tournaments, and more. This is another APEDF project that improves the well-being of our community and helps close the gap in overall health and life expectancy, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension rates that disproportionately affect African people.

Uhuru Wa Kulea "Freedom to Nurture" Women's Health Center

St. Louis, MO

The Uhuru Wa Kulea project is specifically designed to alleviate the trauma women and children face in our community due to the lack of healthcare and the inability to control our healthcare choices. The Uhuru Wa Kulea Program addresses the mental and physical health of Black girls and women by providing prenatal, birthing, and post-natal care, trauma-informed yoga, an annual African Girl’s Day event, a medicinal herb treatment program, and more!

African Doula Project

St. Louis, MO

APEDF is organizing to provide health and self-care programs that reinforce our traditional African culture, and invest in the future of our community with doula and childbirth educator certification programs along with opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Black Power Square

An Innovative Vision Created From Shipping Containers

St. Louis, MO

APEDF purchased two properties with the support of the community at 4007-4009 W. Florissant and demolished the condemned buildings to make way for retail opportunities where none currently exist.  Black Power Square will be a small business center and retail complex. It will support black entrepreneurship, develop small businesses and community commerce, create jobs and return economic prosperity to North St. Louis.

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

Philadelphia, PA & Oakland, CA

Our Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores in Philadelphia and Oakland are now closed. But APEDF is Moving Forward! 

Click the buttons below to view the many tributes flowing in from each community. Uhuru!

One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market

St. Louis, MO

Our mission is to provide access to fresh, healthy food to the black community, end food apartheid and create community commerce by building relationships with black farmers and vendors — a blueprint for African self-reliance and self-determination

Uhuru Foods & Pies

Since 1981, Uhuru Foods & Pies have been part of building an independent economy for African people. APEDF sponsors Uhuru Foods & Pies, which is part of Black Star Industries–creating commerce by and between African People worldwide. Uhuru Foods & Pies is not a business owned by one individual, but part of an independent African economy that African people are building to once again own land, food production, and distribution.

Black Power 96.3 Radio

St. Petersburg , FL

Black Power 96 Radio’s mission is to defend the human and civil rights of the African community through our educational and cultural programming, to provide professional radio broadcasting training, and to promote economic development and self-reliance in the African community. We broadcast at 96.3 on the FM dial in St. Petersburg, Florida and are heard around the world through the stream on our website and through our mobile app