Freedom For Your Imagination!

About Uhuru Design Studio

Uhuru Design Studio is a multimedia and creative services provider with the purpose of providing digitally produced video, print and interactive media as well as branding, marketing and creative conceptualization.

Our mission is to provide superior creative services for underserved small businesses and communities globally. We support economic independence and understand the importance of creating brands and providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools that will offer an opportunity to convey any business agenda clearly.

Started in 2015, Uhuru Design Studio began as an in-house art department located at APEDF's headquarters in St. Petersburg Florida, conceptualizing, building and delivering creative solutions for APEDF's marketing and program objectives as well as supporting and providing print and digital content for APEDF’s economic development institutions.

In 2016 Uhuru Design Studio expanded with the goal of providing services to businesses and communities throughout the world.

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Our Process

Our process has a proven success record because we ask the important questions.

There are many keys that unlock the door to a successful solution. Each step in the Uhuru Design Studio process is vital. As a part of our process, it is important for us to gain a deep understanding of your business and the purpose of your project.

It all begins with concrete targeted inquiries like "What do you need or what is it that you think you need?” This initial phase of our process helps us to better understand what your overall goal is. We also ask organic questions like "What is the message are you trying to communicate,” as this relates to the emotional response that you would like for it to generate with your target audience.

We then take this dialogue and translate it into tangible solutions with your overall objective at the center. Once we conclude that the conceptualized plan is consistent with your agenda, message and budget, we deliver. But our process does not end there. In the best interest of our partnership and to continue providing exemplary service, we follow up because it's key for Uhuru Design Studios to know how effectively our efforts served your objectives.

Our process gives you the confidence to share your ideas, empowering you with "Freedom for your imagination."

Our Work

As a part of its expansion to Florida, The One Africa! One Nation! Market Place initiated a campaign to build awareness of the market’s grand opening. A portion of this campaign was addressed by developing print material that detailed all aspects of the market. This printed material consisted of posters, fliers and banners that were boldly displayed at the market’s location.

LBL - Holistic Health and Wellness is a new business that offers a wide variety of health and wellness services. Uhuru Design Studio provided LBL with a solution to build the brand: a consistent identity that visually conveyed the health and wellness aspect of the business

Zenzele Consignment required exterior signage that exhibited high visibility with the goal of attracting potential customers. The store also wanted additional interior store signage that conveyed the mission of its nonprofit outreach efforts.

The African’s One Billion Strong newsletter has been a longstanding publication of the Uhuru Movement, providing in-depth details on past and future events as well as ongoing campaign and donations efforts.