Welcome to the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF)

APEDF is a black community-led non-profit that addresses the needs and interests of African people who suffer terrible disparities and injustice in every aspect of life. It is well documented that the African community in the U.S. experiences the highest rates of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and underemployment.

The African community faces the shortest life expectancy, attends under-resourced schools and lives in substandard housing in lead-contaminated neighborhoods. Historically Africans have been systematically pushed out of longstanding communities demolished for freeways, parks and profit. The black community experiences the highest rates of police murders, lack of justice in the court system and mass imprisonment that devastates the whole family and the entire community.

APEDF Provides Genuine Solutions for Self-Determination
Driven by African self-determination, APEDF is deeply rooted in the community, provides genuine solutions to this unjust reality, builds institutions and programs where African people are in control of our own community life. This includes economic development in the hands of the African community: programs to feed, clothe, house and employ our people, programs for public health, human rights, education and positive culture.

We call on everyone who wants to see change to participate and support this vibrant growing organization! Help build a positive future for all. Volunteer, donate and support APEDF today!

Community Testimonials

Uhuru Jiko

"I met Uhuru Foods at the St. Pete Saturday Market and learned about the community commercial kitchen at the Uhuru House. I stopped by the Jiko kitchen and it had everything I needed. I serve elderly folks, who otherwise are not cared for. I do not receive any income from it. I do this from my heart. I also cater to other events and being able to use a kitchen of that capacity is great for the catering I provide."
- Tamara, Bradenton,FL

Uhuru Furniture
& Collectibles

"I'm never shopping at another furniture store again. The support of African and diasporic peoples' liberation is essential to the liberation of us all. Plus the furniture is great! Volunteer, shop, share - do whatever's in your power to fuel the movement."
- Kristian & Nzambu, Philladelphia, PA

One Africa! One Nation! Market Place

“Uhuru Health Festival is community. This is love. This is everybody coming together as one. This is where everybody belongs. This is people supporting each other. Touches my heart. That is a model of community, and in nature. Like the diversity. It’s a chance to give back to the community”
-Sharita, owner of Amazulu, a 5 year vendor at Uhuru Flea Market Philadelphia.

Donating for African Self-Determination

"Bea would be happy to know that her donation has a new life and provides support for an organization that does such good work. It's extraordinary!"
-Katherine and Alan, Northern CA

Transforming the conditions of African people

Uhuru Health Festival and Flea Market

Building an Independent African Economy

driven by African Self-Determination

APEDF Institutions & Programs